Legal Notices

1. Under the terms and for the purposes provided for in article 31 of the Legal Regime for the Distribution of Insurance and Reinsurance, approved in annex to Law No. 7/2019, of 16 January, BUZZEE INSURE, LDA., which uses the brand “MDS EXPAT”, with head office at Av. da Boavista 1277/81, 2°, 4100-130 Porto, registered at the CRC of Porto under No.514522321 and with Share Capital of €5,000.00, a mediator registered since 03/02/2018 in the Insurance Agent category with the ASF - Supervisory Authority for Insurance and Pension Funds (Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões) under no. 418459492/3, verifiable at, with authorization to undertake activity in the Life and Non-Life Branches (hereinafter “MDS Expat” or “mediator”), which belongs to the MDS Group, hereby
informs its client(s) that:

  1. As an Insurance Agent it works in the name and on behalf of several insurance companies;
  2. It has no qualified holding in insurance company(ies);
  3. It has no qualified holding in the share capital of the insurance intermediary held by a particular insurance company or parent company of a particular insurance company;
  4. It is authorised to collect premiums for delivery to insurance companies and to conclude contracts in the name and on behalf of insurance companies through agreement between the parties;
  5. Its intervention does not end with the signing of the insurance contract, but involves providing assistance throughout the period in force of the contract;
  6. Its remuneration may consist of a commission calculated and included in the amount of the premium paid by the client to the insurance company where the insurance is placed, another type of remuneration in connection with the insurance contract or a combination of either of the aforementioned types of remuneration;
  7. The client shall have the right to request information on the remuneration which the intermediary will receive for the provision of the insurance distribution service and, accordingly, to supply that information upon request;
  8. Where applicable, it shall inform the client of the names of the insurance companies or insurance intermediaries involved in the proposed contract;
  9. Where payments are requested from the Client under the scope of the insurance contract(s) after its/their conclusion, other than regular premiums and scheduled payments, the Client will be informed of the nature and amount of each payment to be made;
  10. It has in place a Policy for Handling Policyholders, Insured Persons, Beneficiaries and Injured Third Parties, which guarantees the equitable treatment of the interested parties, as well as the handling of their personal data and complaints;
  11. A function responsible for managing complaints from policyholders, insurers, beneficiaries and injured third parties has been established, to manage receipt of these and ensure a response, without prejudice to their processing and assessment being carried out by the and injured third parties has been established, to manage receipt of these and ensure a response, without prejudice to their processing and assessment being carried out by the relevant organic units;
  12. Without prejudice to the provisions of the policy for handling policyholders, insured persons, beneficiaries and injured third parties and the complaints management policy of the intermediary, and to the possibility of recourse to the courts or to existing out-of-court dispute resolution bodies (CIMPAS - Centro de Informação, Mediação, Provedoria e Arbitragem de Seguros, at or that may be created for this purpose, complaints from clients and other interested parties should be presented to the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority (ASF), directly or through their Complaints Book, in physical format or available at, or through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
  13. If other insurance intermediaries are involved in the same insurance contract, they are all jointly and severally liable towards the insured, the policyholders and the insurance companies for the distribution acts undertaken;
  14. It may provide advice to the client, the latter being considered as the transmission of a personalised recommendation, adjusted to the type of client, the information provided by the client and the complexity of the insurance contract recommended; 
  15. The advice, if given, is based on an impartial and personal analysis, this being understood as the obligation to give advice based on an analysis of a sufficiently large and diverse number of insurance company(ies) and type of insurance contracts available on the market to enable it to make a recommendation, in accordance with professional criteria, as to the insurance contract best suited to the needs of the client according to the client’s characteristics, the information provided by the client and the complexity of the insurance contract recommended; 
  16. It does not have a contractual obligation to conduct insurance distribution business exclusively for one or more insurance companies;
  17. It does not, in legal terms, assume coverage of the risks, which are exclusively guaranteed by the insurance companies where they are placed;

2. MDS Expat further wishes to inform that:

  1. It is the client’s responsibility to provide accurate and complete information, as well as the correct answers to the questions formulated in the insurance proposal, and their absence or inaccuracy may invalidate, totally or partially, the coverage of the risk or prevent the insurance intermediary from advising on the most suitable product;
  2. The client assumes full liability for the solution chosen with regard to coverages, exclusions, deductibles and capital when different from those advised by the insurance intermediary;
  3. Without prejudice to its information obligations as an insurance intermediary, the client must understand and carefully read all the conditions of the insurance contract entered into.

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